Stallworth Enterprises Inc. | Professional Building Development Services
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Absolutely Awesome

Stallworth Enterprises Inc. (SEI) has organized and maintained technical and reference libraries for over 30 years for some of the largest and most respected firms in the building industry.


SEI – A Company with a 30-Year History and a Bright Future

SEI maintains technical libraries for architects, engineers, interior designers, facility planners and contractors. SEI continues to maintain physical libraries to some of the larger and more exclusive firms in San Francisco. The new web application, will transform how professionals operate. The demand for physical libraries will change as the industry begins to evolve to a 21st Century model.
Fully Responsive.

DesignAsBuilt quickly puts the products you are searching for into one easy to access catalog. With click you see materials you want to see. Offering you more time to organize your projects, DesignAsBuilt stores your searches. This allows you and your team to access your previously saved searches from anywhere in the world. All this is done with the click of a mouse or touch on a screen.

Beautiful Design

DesignAsBuilt wants you to have an elegantly designed interface. We are of the mind to keep the function and design of the software to be pleasing. We will continually update our software to make the DesignAsBuilt experience the only one you will want to

Awesome Network

With a secure and individualized backend network, your product searches and final project schematics are where you want them to be. Only you and those that you allow can access your information. We want you to enjoy the DesignAsBuilt experience knowing you have a secure network to rely upon.

Flagship for Designers

DesignAsBuilt is simply in a class of its own. It is the first all in one design process program available.

An Experience

Easy to Share

Sharing your ideas and projects with colleagues has been simplified with DesignAsBuilt.  DesignAsBuilt allows you to streamline the design process and edit your projects with a few clicks.  And also allowing those who you desire to critic your work the ability to do so as well.

Forever Stored

Your projects and research is stored on one platform that is redundantly stored on a cloud.  Providing little room for corruption or infringement.  You can be sure to access your projects at anytime.

Add-Ons Soon to Come

We will be adding features that have never been accomplished in the design industry before.  Soon you will be able to store your AsBuilt products on the same platform.  Allowing you access to full details of your final design plans and as built drawings.  Making access to all of your previous work even more fluid.

Time saved organizing and searching. More time to design and implement.


Access your team or organizations saved materials at anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Organize your interface as you desire.


Search with intention and focus.